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The assignment is a mandatory task that needs to be given by the students on a regular basis.  Also through assignments, you come to know where you stand.  Nevertheless with the help of assignments that you submit, to the teachers, you can avail good marks, only if you provide with the work which is not compromised over quality the fact is that finance assignment is one of the toughest assignments for everyone.  It doesn’t matter whether you studying finance or you are old to it.  Regardless of anything, the finance assignment is the most terrifying and they need to define contribution.

Do you know what finance all about is?

Well, finance is basically the study investments,   calculations, predictions, short term goals and the revenue generated. Ever since education in finance is tough, so are the assignments.  Already student who is going through their financial studies professional of difficulties,  and on top of that they have made academic documents which are consisting of all the calculations and whatnot, this is quite hassle work that the students have to come up with. Students on the other hand are not able to make a work, which can impress the teacher.   Also, students are engaged with other activities of the academic work, so you will not be able to provide quality work.

What are teachers looking for?

Teachers, on the other hand, have got some high set benchmarks, which unfortunately the students are unable to attain.  The reason for this is this is the students are not aware of what the teachers are looking for exactly, the teachers expect students to come on to the benchmark they have set.   All the scenario is jumbled,  and the students come up with a work which is either plagiarized is of low standard,  when the teachers look over to such a work,  they get disappointed and give the worst marks to the student.  What happens that the students then are demoralized, and they do not want to continue with their education?

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The writers:

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You will get the best ranking

This is the fact that when you submit the good work, which is qualitative new and has innovativeness in it; the teachers are impressed and happy. In result what they do is, the gift best mark scores and ranks to the students in order to mark them the most superior amongst other students. You will have the best grades that you will acquire when you submit the best work by the teacher.Every work of finance is different, but we don’t worry if you give us any topic of your subject. The entire work is made from scratch, making so that it is human readable, plagiarism free and best incorporated into words. Also, the format that is followed is best according to what the universities are looking.

Tips To Avoid Plagiarism In Essay Writing


Here we are searching for a vital separation to plagiarism. All things considered, counterfeiting is the adversary of such huge numbers of seconds, such a large amount of a college association. The sub-understudies loathe him since it is a simple trap; Colleges despise the way that an excessive number of subclasses are uninformed of what it truly is and how to keep up a key separation from it. We get data about plagiarism; what it implies, what is fulfilling and what isn’t. Luckily, we know a repulsive bundle of composed falsifications, and we’re here to scatter a lot of perplexity. Mostly in essay help, we research things on internet and then we exactly copied it. So, this is the main cause of plagiarized content.

In this post, we portray the absolute most critical parts of forging and what you ought to and ought not do when you compose an essay but such rules apply in all writing, like research paper, article and an essay.

Presently you should first recognize what written falsification is with the goal that we can comprehend the response to that inquiry.

The term copyright infringement is utilized for the considerations or work of others and envisions that it is yours.

What about beginning with the self-evident? You can not simply purchase a thing and send it to your instructor in its one of a kind domain. It utilizes crafted by someone else and implies worldwide. You ought to likewise not make a friend for you or copy parts of your sidekick’s assignment. This can make you be in a vile circumstance, and additionally your partner. Who else should state that your partner is an excellent writer?

We should proceed. Did you additionally see that you can not restore an assignment for a class you already imparted to another? This is known as a copyright encroachment and it is likewise a major no-no.

universities around the globe consider logical truthfulness vital. Frankly, there are typically various standards that are acknowledged under any school framework that consistently understudy should read. Unimaginativeness is a player of insightful truthfulness and something you ought to think about critical. Remember that the rules you provided for help in school are of no material significance and that the rules that you have in your nation of origin may not assume an imperative part. Models are not that troublesome once you know them, but rather you have to know them.

All in all, you may ask, for what reason would it be a good idea for you to mind? All things considered, most importantly, on the off chance that you are discovered appropriating, terrible things can happen.

So here are the following things you need to know before you are writing an essay to avoid plagiarism.

Copied content as same:

When you are searching the material, and you find the desired content, so you decided to copy the exact content, but unfortunately the content you try to put in your essay or paper is copied and then it shows your content is plagiarized, so if you want to avoid the plagiarism write and create your own content.

When using quote:

While you used quotation, it is important to write the quote in inverted comma. And once you are using quotation it is important that you are providing the reference of that particular quote.

 While citing quote:

If you are referring the quote in your essay or research paper and you are not using the quotation on it is same as you are coping the word, so it is important to cite quote properly so it will not considered as plagiarized content.

Formatting content:

If you are formatting any document like you are writing your research paper and there you have to provide a references. So, you have to follow such types of formatting rules in your research .APA, MLA, Chicago, and so forth.) These are the standard rules of formatting and providing references in your documents.  The rules include author(s) name and the date of writing content. So it is extremely that straightforward.

Referring to Your Own Material

If you utilized by you in your present class if you are using your own reference and using your own written content then it also make it plagiarized, so it is important if you are coping your own written material in some other document don not use it, as it also considered as plagiarized.


Try to adjust your article carefully and make sure that you composed misrepresentation before changing it into the class. The methods above are major for investigate paper forming. Make an effort and first make sure checking your exposition or research paper. Coping content could mean the loss of your insightful degree.

Teachers’ Education and Teacher Quality

There are certain attributes and qualities associated with a good teacher.  Some of the most notable are discussed below.

Broad and specialized mastery of the discipline that teaches

It is related to knowing how to handle the facts, concepts and principles of the same. It also covers the use of the best ways to organize and connect ideas, as well as the way to conceive discipline.  However, it is considered an indispensable condition to be a good teacher, but not sufficient.

General pedagogical mastery

It allows applying the general principles of the education to be able to organize and give good the class; Includes the ability to appropriately use different strategies and didactic tools.   It is a broad domain that transcends the specific to a subject or theme.

Content-specific pedagogical mastery

It allows applying the concrete strategies to teach a specific topic, what is now called “the didactics of the discipline”. It has to do with how to organize, present and manage content, issues and problems of the subject considering the needs and interests of the learner as well as the epistemology of the discipline itself and what is expected to be done by a professional. In doing so, the teacher can adequately present the material following the pedagogical guidelines in order to make it comprehensible to the students. Both pedagogical domains (general and specific) can positively influence a better understanding of disciplinary knowledge. The pedagogical domain, or “to know to teach”, is one of the main deficiencies of the university teachers and the one that receives less attention.

Curriculum mastery

It is the ability to design study programs where explicit the set of actions that will make to adapt their teaching to the characteristics of the students, considering the type of content and the goals of the program. It includes the selection and use of the relevant teaching materials (textbook, videos, use of ICT, etc.).

Clarity about educational purposes

It not only includes the concrete purposes of its subject matter, but also the ultimate aims of the whole educational act. It includes goals, mainly of the attitudinal type and of personal transformations; That is, to ask if what he is teaching will have a positive impact on the students’ lives and on the social utility of what they have learned.

Another key quality that has been identified is the importance of the teacher feeling self- effective, meaning the belief in one’s own abilities to organize and execute a course of action required to achieve a given achievement. This quality has two components: one is “the expectation of obtaining results” or the estimation that makes the person about that certain behavior will obtain the desired effects; the second is “the expectation of effectiveness,” or conviction that it has the ability to perform the conduct required to produce the expected results.

Tips to Develop Your Academic Skills and Become a Mature& Successful Student

When undertaking the role and responsibility of being a mature student, lots of skills and abilitieshave been found that an individual student needs to build and ameliorate. These skills and abilities relate to a classroom activity, including listening, taking lecture notes, and involved in other educational activities. Some of these skills are employed in all domains of life, not just as a student, such as management of time, organisation and priorities. Nevertheless, some skills are based on hard work in the classroom as well as outside the classroom boundaries. Thesecomprise reading, writing, skills development, and scheduling. More than in many other efforts, these skills can considerablyenhancea mature student’s performance.

This article will assist you develop most effective academic skills. It is not a magic formula to get success in preparing for exams, or written or oral assignments. ‘Work’ is only the basic requirement for studying any material. However, by strictly following the tips described in this article, you’ll be able to gain a valuable edge in understanding your academic material, preparing for exams, and, finally, learning. This article contains some of the excellent tips and techniques of successful students.

Reading Skills

It is necessary to the jurisdiction of the reading. In fact, the skill ofreading has been taught in institutes that can comprehensively change a student’s life. There are two parts of this skill: the reading efficiency and the reading habits. Both skills must be employed to their maximum, and both of them support and strengthenone another.

Effective reading implies that when you read you gain the knowledge and information. You do not need to read swiftly if you can read the material once and get what is required. It is important to read slowly and get the texts. Efficiency is a matter of taking the time and concentrate on the details of what is read, which can be done by you at any level of expertise in reading. Speed ​​builds with practice; take a speed in reading when incapable to glean the necessary content just causes a person to read and reread the material.

However, despite how good someone is, the capability will be significant only if it is applied. Again, this is not the matter that is vital, but the consistency of the activity. Rather than reading the morning newspaper, you must start reading a book. Schedule a time and try to read something concerning this time every day, which will enhance the chances of developing the reading habit.

Writing Skills

The writing is most likely the principalmode of communication between the two. In this modern world where people get in touch with others through instant messaging and SMS, the worth of writing can sometimes be lost and suppressed, but this disparagement of the quality of writing cannot be ruined.

Lots of purposes are served by writing. Initially, writing is one of the few communication waysthat is used by a huge number of people (including public speaking). Next, writing is one of the few (comparatively) permanent communication forms. In the third place, you can write something and then go over the material prior to releasing it. Fourth, writing can also assistclarify ideas and arguments. In the end, this skill can articulate emotions in a non-harmful manner.

Improving Skills

You need to do the something with your skills as well as with your beliefs. Take time to keep healthy and fit, physically, academicallyand spiritually. In school, it takes the form of notes not only review the present classes, as well as preceding classes. Work to comprehend the interrelations between course material and curriculum’s structure. Engage with other classmates and instructors to draw out the nuances of the course material and thereforemake a comprehensive picture.

Time Scheduling Skills

Planning is an imperative fraction of time management. However, being able to make and use a calendar is anecessary skill for a mature student. This skill is viewed as an academic capabilitydue to the need to value the schedules, which can be much more exacting than the hourly career. Nevertheless, the program could surely be perceived as a life skill too.

Put Togetherthe Set of Skill

None of the above mentioned skills can never really be built, but we are not perfect. In its place, we do most excellent when we are better. Given these and other many capabilities are helpful and the making of the skill set will considerablyameliorate the outcomes as well as mature students in the professional domain. By self-evaluation, starting with the outcomes, and works to enhance, it may makea student an extremely effective professional person.

The Bottom Line

Effective academic skills must be applied to improve you. Simply “think about” studying will not be enough; you’ll have to actually follow it and do it.


Global Warming

Global Warming

Global warming can be referred as the constant increase in the Earth’s average temperature since 1950. It also denotes to climate change that results in rise in the average temperature. Global warming is a grave problem and it is not an only issue but several environmental concerns. The causes of global warming are classified into two classes such as “human influences” and “natural” causes.

Natural Causes of Global Warming

The temperature of the Earth has been changing continuously for periods. The global warming takes place due to sun’s natural rotation that increases the strength of sunlight and moves closer to the earth. Greenhouse gases, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide, is another cause of global warming. These gases trap the rays of solar heats and stop it from evading from the earth’s surface. This results in rise in the earth temperature. Moreover, volcanic eruptions also cause global warming. For example, a single volcanic eruption discharges a significant amount of CO2 and ash to the environment. Once CO2 rises, the temperature of the earth increases and greenhouse traps the solar emissions.

In last, methane, a greenhouse gas, is another main cause of global warming. It traps the heat 20 times more effectively in the environment as compared to CO2. Commonly it can be released from different sources such as from landfill, cattle, petroleum systems, natural gas, industrial waste process, mobile explosion or coal mining,.

Human Influences on Global Warming

Among several factors, the influence of human is considered very serious due to unfriendly human activities. Human factors causing globing are more severe than natural. Among unfriendly human activities, burning of fossil fuel, industrial production, cattle rearing, mining and deforestation are most prominent.Industrial have been making use of fossil fuels for the generation of power machines which makes almost everything of human use. For example, the process of manufacturing mobile phone involves machines which run through fossil fuels. In addition, these machineries release carbon di oxide.   Moreover, deforestation is yet another most important cause of global warming. Deforestation is one of the unfriendly human activity through which they cut down trees to produce wood, papers and other wood materials. Carbon dioxide concentrates more in the atmosphere due to deforestation because trees have potential of absorbing CO2 from atmosphere.



Warmer temperatures

In 2012, the Sahel countries in North Africa suffered a food crisis that affected about 18 million people due to the scarcity of rain. The effects of drought are not new in this area, which is experiencing periodic recurrent droughts but the intensity and frequency of these droughts, which have increased during the last decade due to the increase in temperatures in the planet.

More intense storms

The fact that temperatures are higher makes the rains less frequent, but more intense; Therefore, the level of floods and their severity will also increase.

Disease propagation

A temperature change of several degrees can make the temperate zone more welcoming to the spread of certain diseases. In this way, cases of Chagas disease, dengue or other diseases that are forgotten in developed countries and in areas that have traditionally been colder can begin to occur. This also affects developing countries. A case study in Ethiopia conducted by scientists at the University of Denver (UD) and Michigan (UM) concluded that a one-degree increase in ambient temperature results in the development of 3 million more cases of malaria in Ethiopia in patients less than 15 years of age.

Stronger heat waves

The global warming of the planet produced by the accelerated burning of exhaustible fossil fuels has been very intense in the North Pole. This makes the North Pole much hotter today than it was fifty years ago. The health and even the lives of thousands of people may be at risk due to the increase in heat waves, both in frequency and intensity.

More dangerous hurricanes

Rising sea temperatures cause hurricanes to become more violent because a hurricane is the means that the planet has to distribute the excess heat from warm to cooler areas. And at more temperature, more hurricanes, with all the problems they entail: destruction of cities, crops, dismantling of all systems, diseases.

Change of ecosystems

Higher temperatures, less precipitation, droughts and floods make the climate adapt to this new climate and, therefore, there are changes in the duration of the seasons, appear patterns more typical of monsoon climates.

More Expensive Foods

Climate change threatens the production of basic foods such as wheat, which means that hundreds of thousands of people whose lives depend on their crops are at risk of losing everything. And not only that: if crops are scarce, prices soar. This affects us all, but in the least developed countries, with very high poverty rates, the consequences can be devastating.


The crux of the matter is that global warming is a serious problem which is mainly caused due to unfriendly human activities. Its impacts are severe for the survival of human being on the earth. It does not only affect the human lifestyle but also impart a significant impact on the economy. Human must take individual as well as collective measures to stop unfriendly activities such as deforestation, burning of fossil fuel, or burning garbage. In addition, government must also reduce deforestation because it is the main factor of increasing earth temperature.   Recycling is another way to reducing global warming and its impacts. The process of recycling can reduce trash by re-using bottles, plastic bags, glass or papers. By encouraging environment friendly activities, the impact of global warming can be reduced.

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is currently one of the online services most used by people around the world, and the success of them is based on several factors, although it stands out the fact that it is a platform of almost direct communication, which allows Feedback, feedback among users, and all in a very simple way. Due to their characteristics and possibilities, social networks have a number of interesting advantages for those who use them, but at the same time they also report certain flaws that make these online communities present at the same time a series of disadvantages.

It is precisely here that we analyze broadly the main advantages and disadvantages of social networks today, but before that we must know in general terms what a social network really is.  A social network in principle is a website in which people from all over the world can participate in the communication, for which they have the possibility to configure an online profile, which includes their information, their tastes and interests, Where users can also post comments, photos, videos and more.

Due to their characteristics, social networks can become an ideal space for people to keep in touch with each other, regardless of where in the world they are. In addition, social networks are widely used by artists, celebrities, companies and others to disseminate information and at the same time to increase the volume of followers, both in the virtual world and in real life. All this has meant that in recent years social networks have become an element that has significantly modified the way of communicating, and at the same time the way of doing business.

However, as we mentioned before, in the world of social networks as well as being able to take advantage of the great advantages that this type of services have, we also have to face the disadvantages of its use, so here we tell you what the pro And against these communities.  The truth is that social networks have varied advantages and disadvantages, and it is not strange that both aspects are related to each other. We know that social networks offer the possibility of meeting new people, transmit information, and keep in touch with family and friends, but at the same time social networks is also the ideal place for fraudsters and hackers to do theirs, where Lies can be spread, and where bullies find space to harass their victims.

Advantages of social networks

Among the main advantages reported by social networks we can ensure that one of its most outstanding benefits lies in the ability they have to connect people around the world. This is possibly the most obvious advantage of social networks, since it is also ultimately its essential objective. Likewise, social networks have the benefit of allowing users to establish immediate communications and in a really simple way. Social networks allow us to be able to communicate without the need to use traditional communication channels, such as the telephone service, even if we can do without e-mail.

On the other hand, social networks give us the possibility of accessing news in real time, and at the same time we can discover information that may not be published elsewhere, because the truth is that if we want to know what is happening in the world, just visit some social network to find out.  But social networks are not only an interesting area for individuals, but also provide a wide range of opportunities for companies. That is why more and more companies participate in social networks, because through this platform can sell their products, connect with customers, attract new potential customers, and expand their scope of action.  And of course, social networks are a space where all the people of the world can find a moment of fun, and so it is not surprising that millions of people in the world use a social network during their time off.

Disadvantages of social networks

All good, also has a bad side, and the truth is that social networks do not escape this, because despite having a huge amount of benefits and benefits for its users, there are also certain risks when using this type of Online platforms.  Among the main disadvantages of social networks, we can first mention the aspects related to privacy, since the truth is that social networks leave exposed information about the personal life of its users, so this is a problem that always generates a great concern.

Let’s take into account that everything we publish in social networks is there for others to see, so in addition to the lack of obvious privacy of this aspect, there is also the fact that by sharing too much personal information with others we are facing serious problems in our real life.  On the other hand, it is well known by all that social networks are an area in which scams and cyber bullying are possible. The latter drawback often occurs among younger people who use this type of platform, as children and adolescents are often subject to harassment on the internet.

This can lead in real life to start a person suffering from self-esteem problems, and may even experience depression.  Another important disadvantage raised by social networks is that online interaction can replace the interaction of people in real life, that is, that the fluid and constant online communication through these communities causes in large Measure the real communication between people and that is why many experts assert that social networks promote antisocial behavior.  Also, while we mention that social networks have the advantage of allowing us to access information in real time, the truth is that this can also lead to saturation, so that we can become overwhelmed by the information disseminated.  We also have to keep in mind that not everything that is published in social networks is true, since the truth is that these communities are an ideal space for the dissemination of lies , false information and even for the defamation of people, entities And companies.


Finally, we must bear in mind that it has been shown that the use of social networks can often lead to addiction, so they also distract us, lead to sedentary lifestyle habits and may even negatively modify our behavior in real life.  Therefore, it is important that we use social networks to be communicated, but always taking into account the prejudices that can cause us, in order to be alert and able to take advantage of them without end up being a victim of unscrupulous people or being captives of the platform.

Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

A reflective essay is a type of paper in which the writer uses personal experience to reflect on a past idea or event. This type of essay can vary from informal to formal, depending on the reason and context in which it is written. It is often used to mark the end of something: an event, a class or a project, for example. The writer not only reflects on a past event, however; He or she interprets what the event means.

Writing your thoughts on a topic gives you the opportunity to clarify your position on the subject. Sculpturing a coherent reflective essay to present your ideas in the most elegant way requires a lot of time and preparation. Above all, it is required that you exercise your powers of analysis. In the following lines, you will find some useful tips on how to write a thoughtful essay, which could be of help to you.

Before you start writing a thoughtful essay, you should devote considerable time to thinking about the topic. It allows your conscious and subconscious to reflect on the subject. When you perform the mental reflection exercise, ideas in writing will flow easily. When you are ready to write, you will know.

For example if one wants to write a reflective essay on teaching, He first asks himself some questions about teaching. What are your goals and aspirations as a teacher? Have these goals changed over time? What are your beliefs about teaching, and how would you describe your role in the classroom? Think analogies that can describe your behavior as a teacher. Then he has to look again at his teaching goals and his definition of a successful learning situation. What steps would he take / have taken to achieve these goals and achieve successful learning in your classroom? Think of specific tasks, course material, lesson plans, assessment tools and student evaluations of his teaching. Then determine how he plans to continue developing as a teacher. Would he like to attend workshops? Does he want to attend disciplinary meetings and / or conventions? Does he intend to write a book or make presentations in your discipline about your teaching methods?

After all that the person should start organizing and writing his reflective essay using the information he came up with during the previous steps. Teaching and learning written reflection is personal, and must be written in the first person, the informal style. A personal anecdote can serve as an introduction to your teaching and learning goals and philosophies, but is not mandatory.

After writing the anecdote introduction or general introduction, go back on steps, give each of these steps of its own paragraph or two in reflective essay, so the essay would be organized as follows: the definition of learning success, beliefs and goals as a teacher and descriptions of how the classroom activities and designs reflect the teaching goals and ideas about successful learning. Finish with the ideas for continuous professional development. Once the reflective essay is completed, it should be reviewed by someone and respond to the reflection and then make the necessary revisions.

How to write a good reflective essay

There is usually not a specific format for a reflective essay; however, the typical five-paragraph essay format can be useful as a way of organizing thoughts. For example, the first paragraph could include the introduction, which introduced the theme of the essay and the statement of the thesis. This paragraph should generally be interesting enough to entice readers into reading the rest of the essay. To illustrate, if the essay is composed on the completion of a class project, the introduction should include an explanation of what the project was, and the thesis statement should then include what the learner learns through the completion of the project.

The next part of the five-paragraph essay format is the body. In general, this constitutes the bulk of the essay and provides supporting evidence for the thesis statement. Using the example of a written essay on the completion of a project, the agency would include the paragraphs that explain in more detail what was learned during the project. Examples of how the student can be introduced, as well as interpretations of those examples. These paragraphs can include facts as well as a personal vision.

The final paragraph of a reflective essay is the conclusion. In this section, the statement of the general thesis was reaffirmed. After this, the conclusion sums up what the rest of the document has been about and may suggest implications of the experience. It should also be a summary of the knowledge that the student has acquired, as well as the knowledge of the student can recognize that is still missing after the experience.

Self-assessment may be another way of categorizing a reflective essay. Another example of when a reflective essay can be written is the time to apply for a scholarship. In this case, the applicants may be forced to reflect on the reasons that deserve the scholarship. This can incorporate not only personal experience, but external data such as statistics. A thoughtful essay may look inward, but its aim remains to convince readers of the writer’s point of view.

Language to use for writing a reflective essay

In reflective essays, writers have the opportunity to insert themselves into their prose, allowing their thoughts and feelings on the subject matter to shine through writing. To ensure that the reflective essay is effective, one must provide a clear and detailed description of his feelings about the object he is reflecting on. For this, there are a number of different types of language one probably have to employ

Personal pronouns: Since reflexive essays are direct, they must be written in the first person.  Sequence terms: If you are relating an occurrence, or sequence, it helps the reader understand the order of events and adds fluency to your writing. Use words like “first,” ” By using these types of words one can help readers better understand what the writer’s feelings are.

Sensory Language: Through the use of sensory language one can allow readers to immerse themselves in the writing and fully understand the events.

Process Analysis Essay

Process Analysis Essay

A process analysis essay is a brief writing where a particular subject is exposed or disclosed to the recipient. The topic can be a real event such as informative news, a description of a fact or any other topic that one wants to convey. It should be very well organized with an introduction a body and a conclusion, all brief, clear and in relation to the subject. It will be avoided to ramble and if the author wants to express his personal opinion can do in the conclusions, because the body is preferable to be written objectively.

The process analysis essays help to make more informed decisions and arouse in the teacher the concern to question his role in his class and in society. Process analysis essay analysis takes into account its previous experiences in order to integrate them into its current practice. The more constructively the process analysis act is used, the more the teacher develops skills and creativity to adapt during interventions.

Process Analysis essay allows the teacher to integrate knowledge related to his pedagogy. Process Analysis essay enables one to realize one’s strengths and limitations as a pedagogical actor. Pedagogical analysis allows the teacher to set goals for personal and professional development. Process Analysis essay provides an objective perspective on school life that is an integral part of its everyday environment. It allows the teacher to assume more adequately his choices in the face of his interventions.

Understand the stages of work

When you want to radically optimize or transform a process, you need a rigorous method. Process analysis essay is the most appropriate tool for both tasks. In “radical transformation” it helps to change not only the ways of doing things, but also the ways of seeing, the paradigms of the people involved. Moreover, this method encourages participation by involving employees from various sectors who work in constant contact with the actors of the process (in an “expert” approach, participants are in a vacuum without interacting with the environment).

The method involves two fundamental questions: the relevance and the effectiveness of the activities and the stages of the process. In other words:

  • Are we doing the right things?
  • Do we do it the best way?

How to write Process Analysis Essay

There are three steps in writing process Analysis Essay:

  1. The observation:
  • Take note of the characteristics of the class;
  • Awareness of pedagogy, learning strategy and methods used by the teacher;
  • Awareness of the teacher’s attitudes and values
  1. The analysis:
  • The teacher must find meaning in each of the observations;
  • Analyse the relevance, validity and impact of the facts;
  • Classify and identify information by explaining their importance and emotional impacts;
  • Discern the strengths and weaknesses of the various situations observed;
  • To make connections between observations and certain notions or theories learned during training
  1. Integrated Synthesis:
  • Develop a synthesis that encompasses the first two steps;
  • Sort out its strengths and weaknesses by listing the strengths it wishes to preserve as well as the weaknesses it wishes to compensate;
  • Be aware of the causes that cause them to modify certain elements;
  • Find solutions to achieve the objectives

There are three levels (models) of process analysis essay:

  1. Model for reflection in action: This is the continuous analysis that the teacher makes throughout an activity that he / she animates. However, this model does not include any feedback after the action;
  2. Model of reflection on its action: The position that the teacher adopts to take a step back on the action. A process analysis essay on the causes related to the events with the aim of finding ways to improve the situation;
  3. Reflection on its model of action: Ability to distance himself / herself from the situation and adopt objective behavior towards it. This model is a very complex and difficult to achieve practice because it is an in-depth analysis

Tips in Writing Process Analysis Essay

  • Short sentences (subject-verb-complement): The reader is lost in a sentence of 10 lines; he must read it several times to locate the subject and the verb and to understand its meaning;
  • Sentences in the right order: Avoid putting the subject to the end to understand its meaning. Instead of saying “annotating the student’s text is one of the roles of the research director” one would rather say, “One of the principal roles of the principal of research is to annotate the student’s writing”;
  • No conjunctions at the beginning of the sentence, which unnecessarily weigh down the sentence. Instead of writing “So we think the most appropriate theory is …”, one can write “We think so …”;
  • Limit verbs that are not significant such as “being”, “having” and “doing”. Instead of saying “There are a lot of volunteers in this association” it is better to write, “The association has many volunteers”. The same applies to the verb “power” or “to allow”. Instead of saying “this article gives an overview of the scientific writing “, simply saying “this article gives a …”;
  • Attention to the coherence between an inhuman subject and the verb. For example: “This article talks about …” = an article does not speak. Another example: “Plato tells us that …” = he did not tell us, he wrote it in his book;
  • Delete unnecessary sentences. For example, “This concept is particularly interesting” does not provide additional information, it is an empty sentence. Specify how interesting it is, in order to bring new information;
  • Delete popular expressions that are meaningless and do not provide any information. For example, “since the dawn of time”, “always” or “to-day”; give dates “Since the 1980s, …”;
  • Stay neutral in its terms, no value judgment. Instead of saying “Durkheim, an atypical author addresses …”. The fact that it is atypical only engages you, it is your perception of things. Two solutions: one suppresses this subjectivity, or one justifies it by explaining in what it is atypical;
  • Beware of too many connotations. Instead of saying “age has an impact on master’s achievement” (“an impact” = negatively connoted), we will say rather “age has an effect on …”;
  • Avoid the use of synonyms, because each word has its own meaning. For example “the direction of memory”, “accompaniment”, “framing” which are synonyms, refers to very different ideas and concepts;
  • Replace “etc.” by “such as …” and give some examples;
  • Pay attention to the use of “some” which makes the speech too vague and imprecise. Instead of saying: “Some authors approach the notion …” rather say “certain authors, such as X and Y” or “certain authors (X, 1990; Z, 2005) approach the notion …”;
  • Avoid the use of the impersonal pronoun “on”. For example, “we can come to class at the agreed time”, who does that “we”? To whom does it refer? Rather, students will be able to come;
  • Avoid the use of demonstrative adjectives or demonstrative pronouns “this, that”at the beginning of the sentence. The reader is lost; he is obliged to re-read the preceding sentences in order not to lose the thread. Instead of saying “This is a fine example of …” one will say “This speech is a fine example of …”;
  • No abusive generalization: For example, “a teacher-researcher trains himself in teaching”. This generality does not represent the reality: some are formed by contact with their colleagues, others follow training. What are the sources that support this finding? It would be better to say “According to author X, and author Y, teachers…”;
  • Who is talking? For each sentence, the author of this statement, idea or thought must be mentioned. For example, if you are the author, specify “I think / we think”. If it is the idea of ​​an author, mention it. For example, instead of saying “we can say that / it is proven that …” specify who is the “on”;
  • Explain: everything must be explained. For example, “summative evaluation can also be formative”. What is summative evaluation? Why and how can it be formative?
  • Avoid the unnecessary use of conjunctions “who” and “that”. They unnecessarily increase the sentence and make it more complex. Instead of saying “The idea that was abandoned along the way …”, one would say “the idea was abandoned along the way …”;
  • Limit the use of negative formulations: Instead of saying what they do not “students do not enter the university through the main door”, Rather say what they do (unless negation is important for your analysis of course) “students enter university through the secondary gate”

Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis Essay

While an essay that can be written by a scholar, peer-oriented professionals will give more importance to the background than to form, a writer can write an essay in which he has interest what counts, but he will also be of importance to form In that it does. That is, vocabulary and writing are carefully chosen.In this case we would be talking about a literary analysis essay in its broadest sense and could contain essays of another type to which they are literary. We understand with this that an argumentative essay could also be a literary analysis essay if one takes care of the form in which it is written. Even a scientific essay might be literary analysis, although not the most usual, if you take care of the way it is written.

If a literary analysis essay is defined referring to the subject matter of the essay, then we would be dealing with the analysis of a work of literature or of a particular period or style of the history of writing.Based on this we could make a literary analysis essay on “Don Quixote de la Mancha” or any of the themes or characters that make up the work. One can also make an essay about Cervantes or even about the time or style of the work. The topic we would choose and delimit before we start depending on the purpose of the essay.In short, this type of essay can both talk about literature, and be quality literature itself. Not a few writers have published essays as part of their work.

How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay

In all the essays, to make a literary analysis essay the first thing that we have to do is to narrow down the subject since it is important to be clear on what exactly we want to speak. If the essay is about a literary work or style then we must document it.In the introduction we will explain what exactly we want to talk about, presenting the topic and the positions we are going to defend in our essay. This is what we know as theses or theories. It can be a single thesis or we can defend several, depending on the transcendence and length of our essay.

In the body we will develop the theme. In order to defend our arguments we can use quotations from the reference works, always in quotes so that there is no doubt that we are not the authors of the same. You can put the origin at the end of the appointment or it can be indicated at the bottom of the page or in an attachment at the end of the trial.The essay ends with the conclusions we have drawn by summarizing the fundamental ideas, which we want to remain in the reader’s head.

Make notes about the essay in the second reading, pointing out contradictions, debatable statements, and interesting topics. Analysis or critique of an essay after the first reading is difficult to achieve because the processing of an unknown text forces you to make connections that may not be obvious the first time. Keep enough distance from the text during later readings to distinguish between the author’s ideas and his own views on those ideas.

Answer specific essay questions, including identification of the author’s idea and purpose. To analyse the essay, we will determine the questions or theories of the authors’ address, as well as the details or points that support their argument. Take into account the author’s conclusion on the topic under study and articulate in his own words what the author is trying to say. Once you have analysed the essay, you will be better prepared to critique the text.

Look for gaps in the presentation, as if the author successfully presented and denied opposing views. Decide if you feel the author has given enough evidence to support your points. Identify strengths and weaknesses in the content and organization of the essay. Perhaps the author presents ideas based on the hereditary hypothesis that fails to recognize or validate. Articulate your critical reaction to the wording, pointing out points of contention or agreement. His work as a critical reader is to present a summary of information from the trials analysed, followed by his interpretation of the meaning of the author. Perform and present this aspect of your work so you can intelligently and effectively evaluate text based on your analysis.

When given an essay for analysis and criticism, the final product of literary analysis essay is typically presented in the form of an essay. Although the work in the critique of an essay, it is not, summarize the text under study. It is necessary to provide the audience with a brief explanation of the content of the essay.

Organizing the work in a way that introduces the audience to the author’s ideas before presenting an informed interpretation of ideas and their critical response to interpretation. Include passages in the text to demonstrate the author’s intent and present textual evidence to support his or her point of view.

Special tools for a literary analysis essay

As we have seen, form is important so in a literary essay we will use some of the following tools:

  • A comprehensive and careful vocabulary: It is not a question of using fancy words that the reader does not understand, but of not repeating terms by using synonyms, avoiding excessively colloquial words, not using localisms trying to make Castilian as neutral as possible;
  • A correct and careful grammar;
  • Rhetorical figures: Intended to give greater beauty or intensity to the text. Rhetorical figures are literary and grammatical resources. Here we can see which are the main rhetorical figures and examples of their use;
  • A good rhythm: A well-written text should have a good rhythm, at times more paused to stop to explain something in detail, and more agile in others, avoiding the unnecessary repetitions and explanations that cause boredom in the reader.

Evaluation Essay

Evaluation Essay

The evaluation has now had a resurgence or simply increased its interest in this concept and / or process, as all participants in an educational process realize the need to be evaluated, but at the same time with their growing interest has come from a confusion inherited from confusing the term evaluation with the grade or the school measurement. That is why it is of the utmost importance that all participants acquire a will to change to be able to mutate into a new paradigm where the evaluation is not seen as the qualification or the numeral value that is given to the student to measure their knowledge.

In the universe of pedagogy there are several concepts of “evaluation”, and varies according to methodologies, but what is certainly symmetrical between several conceptions, is the end of it, which is to give a starting point for education is embarking on seas of improvement, quality, authenticity, clarity but above all enhance that which all students learn.

The evaluation essays are to establish an analysis in favour of improving the educational quality, either at the macro or micro level, which involves establishing a process consciously according to the circumstances of the universe to be evaluated, where the multivariate application of instruments that allow inference, where evaluation is necessarily affected by the implicit and explicit participation of various educational actors, positively or negatively affecting the learning context of the students either to meet the goal or to affect the motivation and self-esteem of the students themselves.

The following conceptions have been emerged from the evaluation essays:

  • The evaluation essay is seen by the students as a sanctioning and qualifying instrument;
  • Students hearing the word evaluation feel nervousness, fear, worry and overwhelmed;
  • For students, the result is more important than what is learned, that is, they are more concerned about approving than learning;
  • The teacher is seen as a vigilante and punisher when carrying out an evaluation;
  • Evaluation essay affects students’ self-esteem and personal worth;
  • The evaluation is seen under a panic approach and not of help, understanding of the teaching-learning process carried out;
  • Evaluation essay is a tradition based on quantification parameters;
  • Students equate as a synonym with notes or report cards;
  • Students conceive the evaluation essay as the test where they will be assessed;
  • The evaluation essay relies on a single actor (teacher or evaluator), i.e. a hetero-evaluation.

How to write Evaluation Essays

Professionals give valuations for valuable work to inform people how much anything is worth. Sometimes the owners are pleasantly surprised. Other times, the room is not worth as much as the owner thought. In evaluation essay, the writer gives the news and assessment about anything whether it is good or not. When you write several evaluation essays, it might be useful to have a sample to work from.

  • Prepare the position of the thing on which the evaluation essay has to be written. The title should include the thing about which the evaluation is in preparation, the writer’s association with the thing or concept to be evaluated and the time when the evaluation essay is written
  • Include information about the work that is to be evaluated. This includes all information, such as the artist or manufacturer, the description of the thing and the methods used to create it. If possible, include a photo in this section;
  • Leave free space for the writer to take notes on the piece to be evaluated. The amount of notes will depend on the piece, but the evaluation of the sample must contain at least one page of space to take notes;
  • The conclusion includes the findings were gathered through research, for example, which the manufacturer is for the thing, as well as the estimated amount of the coin;
  • Include an appendix where applicable. The appendix may include similar parts that the evaluation was based on, any research done and information about the evaluation company

Evaluation Essay and its relation to the practice of teaching

Theevaluation essay relates to teaching directly according to its function. Evaluation essay, although it is known that its aim is to improve, also impacts directly on the learning either positively or negatively, but mainly impacts by the administrative outcome that entails an evaluation, i.e. by the qualification that refers exclusively to the evaluation of the learning of the students (school grade). Qualifying, therefore, is a more restricted activity than valuing. In evaluation essay’s value judgment, the student’s degree of sufficiency, insufficiency, knowledge, skills and abilities are usually expressed as the result of some kind of test, activity, exam or process.So if the evaluation essay has a direct impact on the learning by the act of qualifying, undoubtedly that impact becomes motivational or non-motivational for the students, where said feeling promotes the improvement of learning in the students.

But for this impact to be positive-motivational attention must be paid to the active participation of the student in the evaluation, that is, it must be an evaluation essay that is conceived as continuous and formative, that is, an evaluation for learning and not merely of learning. It emerges as a qualitative class and is related to the evaluation procedures and the participation of the evaluators, where the synergy of hetero-evaluation, co-evaluation and self-evaluation leads to an authentic evaluation, to a 360º evaluation.

The evaluation essay is a fundamental element of the teaching-learning process, but the most important, since the evaluation provides the possibility of social transformation, so differentiating the evaluation of qualification and / or measurement would lead to a “culture of evaluation” that would favour the abruptness of educational quality, which would not be limited to the school but would extend to other social activities.The evaluation essay will increase the progress of all students (including those with special educational needs) by using evaluation information effectively.But something that should certainly always be taken into account, and any time aevaluation essay is written, is to know that it can help to improve the effectiveness of teaching-learning, and that is certainly a fundamental tool for the teacher for the constant improvement of your work.