Every client is important for us and once we receive an order, we give high importance to its careful completion and safely delivery. However, in certain cases, orders can be cancelled either from clients’ side or service providers’ side which might lead to unpleasant circumstances. Therefore, we feel it extremely important to give a “CLEAR AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND” Cancellation Policy so the conflicts and confusions can be avoided as much as possible. Hence, we strongly advice each of our client go through below given policies before placing or cancelling an order:

Unclear Instructions from Clients 

Once we receive an order, our first and foremost priority is to finish it as per the exact needs of the clients to give them high level of satisfaction and for this, we must follow the necessary instructions given by the clients. Therefore, we strongly advise every client to give “Clear & Simple Instructions”. In case of any confusion, we immediately contact to the client so the order can be completed within given timeframe.


  • Just in case, we are unable to approach client, order can be cancelled after 24 hours in most of the cases. (The case is sent to quality control department that decides either to refund fees or not.
  • If the order process has not been started yet due to any reason, the client can also go for order cancellation. (The penalty might be avoided by requesting customer support)

Workload at Service Provider Side  

We receive hundreds of orders everyday and our first priority is to finish each and every project. However, we might also experience extreme workload and in such cases, we might not be able to carry out new orders recently received. In case of order cancellation due to overburdening of work, we take the responsibility to inform clients immediately and refund their fees. (Note: We have been able to build a huge team of writers, researchers, editors, proofreaders and other staff and we don’t usually face work overload.)

24 Hours to Cancel Order  

Refund on Order Cancellation

Once an ORDER is confirmed, we immediately send it to “Queue” which means, our concern team will soon start working on it within the next 24 hours. Just in case, you need to cancel your order, you can request us within this period. Once the order cancellation request is approved, we make arrangement to refund fees.

Penalty on Order Cancellation

As mentioned above, 24 hours is the limit to request for order cancellation, it is extremely important to keep the limit in mind if you don’t want to get suffered in any penalty. After this period, you can still cancel order but will have to pay some penalty which might be partial or full writing fees depending upon the size of work carried out on order.

Violation of Terms & Conditions

This is really important for the client to understand the significance of our terms and conditions. In case of any violation or breach of any of our T&C, we may go for an immediate order cancellation. Besides, necessary legal actions can also be taken against the client guilty of T&C violation. In such cases, no fees can be refunded to the client.