Evaluation Essay

Evaluation Essay

The evaluation has now had a resurgence or simply increased its interest in this concept and / or process, as all participants in an educational process realize the need to be evaluated, but at the same time with their growing interest has come from a confusion inherited from confusing the term evaluation with the grade or the school measurement. That is why it is of the utmost importance that all participants acquire a will to change to be able to mutate into a new paradigm where the evaluation is not seen as the qualification or the numeral value that is given to the student to measure their knowledge.

In the universe of pedagogy there are several concepts of “evaluation”, and varies according to methodologies, but what is certainly symmetrical between several conceptions, is the end of it, which is to give a starting point for education is embarking on seas of improvement, quality, authenticity, clarity but above all enhance that which all students learn.

The evaluation essays are to establish an analysis in favour of improving the educational quality, either at the macro or micro level, which involves establishing a process consciously according to the circumstances of the universe to be evaluated, where the multivariate application of instruments that allow inference, where evaluation is necessarily affected by the implicit and explicit participation of various educational actors, positively or negatively affecting the learning context of the students either to meet the goal or to affect the motivation and self-esteem of the students themselves.

The following conceptions have been emerged from the evaluation essays:

  • The evaluation essay is seen by the students as a sanctioning and qualifying instrument;
  • Students hearing the word evaluation feel nervousness, fear, worry and overwhelmed;
  • For students, the result is more important than what is learned, that is, they are more concerned about approving than learning;
  • The teacher is seen as a vigilante and punisher when carrying out an evaluation;
  • Evaluation essay affects students’ self-esteem and personal worth;
  • The evaluation is seen under a panic approach and not of help, understanding of the teaching-learning process carried out;
  • Evaluation essay is a tradition based on quantification parameters;
  • Students equate as a synonym with notes or report cards;
  • Students conceive the evaluation essay as the test where they will be assessed;
  • The evaluation essay relies on a single actor (teacher or evaluator), i.e. a hetero-evaluation.

How to write Evaluation Essays

Professionals give valuations for valuable work to inform people how much anything is worth. Sometimes the owners are pleasantly surprised. Other times, the room is not worth as much as the owner thought. In evaluation essay, the writer gives the news and assessment about anything whether it is good or not. When you write several evaluation essays, it might be useful to have a sample to work from.

  • Prepare the position of the thing on which the evaluation essay has to be written. The title should include the thing about which the evaluation is in preparation, the writer’s association with the thing or concept to be evaluated and the time when the evaluation essay is written
  • Include information about the work that is to be evaluated. This includes all information, such as the artist or manufacturer, the description of the thing and the methods used to create it. If possible, include a photo in this section;
  • Leave free space for the writer to take notes on the piece to be evaluated. The amount of notes will depend on the piece, but the evaluation of the sample must contain at least one page of space to take notes;
  • The conclusion includes the findings were gathered through research, for example, which the manufacturer is for the thing, as well as the estimated amount of the coin;
  • Include an appendix where applicable. The appendix may include similar parts that the evaluation was based on, any research done and information about the evaluation company

Evaluation Essay and its relation to the practice of teaching

Theevaluation essay relates to teaching directly according to its function. Evaluation essay, although it is known that its aim is to improve, also impacts directly on the learning either positively or negatively, but mainly impacts by the administrative outcome that entails an evaluation, i.e. by the qualification that refers exclusively to the evaluation of the learning of the students (school grade). Qualifying, therefore, is a more restricted activity than valuing. In evaluation essay’s value judgment, the student’s degree of sufficiency, insufficiency, knowledge, skills and abilities are usually expressed as the result of some kind of test, activity, exam or process.So if the evaluation essay has a direct impact on the learning by the act of qualifying, undoubtedly that impact becomes motivational or non-motivational for the students, where said feeling promotes the improvement of learning in the students.

But for this impact to be positive-motivational attention must be paid to the active participation of the student in the evaluation, that is, it must be an evaluation essay that is conceived as continuous and formative, that is, an evaluation for learning and not merely of learning. It emerges as a qualitative class and is related to the evaluation procedures and the participation of the evaluators, where the synergy of hetero-evaluation, co-evaluation and self-evaluation leads to an authentic evaluation, to a 360º evaluation.

The evaluation essay is a fundamental element of the teaching-learning process, but the most important, since the evaluation provides the possibility of social transformation, so differentiating the evaluation of qualification and / or measurement would lead to a “culture of evaluation” that would favour the abruptness of educational quality, which would not be limited to the school but would extend to other social activities.The evaluation essay will increase the progress of all students (including those with special educational needs) by using evaluation information effectively.But something that should certainly always be taken into account, and any time aevaluation essay is written, is to know that it can help to improve the effectiveness of teaching-learning, and that is certainly a fundamental tool for the teacher for the constant improvement of your work.