While using internet, sometimes, you have to produce your personal information which might put your privacy at extreme risk and therefore, it is highly important to take every possible measure to protect your privacy. Of course, nobody would like to reveal his/her privacy in front of public. Hence, we have created this privacy policy section to ensure 100% safety and protection to the privacy of our valued clients and other users.

Collection of Buyers/Users Information

Since we are in the business to deliver online services to the people living in different parts of the world, we need to assemble some of the information from clients that might be personal or public. Of course, we do take all necessary measures to ensure 100% protection of the information we collect so it can’t be misused or stolen.

Information Types

The information which is collected from users might be personal or private in nature or it might simply be contact info usually used to carry out payment procedure. The information may include:

  • Client Name
  • Client Contact Numbers
  • Client Residential Address
  • Client Email Address
  • Others Necessary Information

How We Collect the Info?

As a general practice, we follow either or both voluntary or cumulative process of data collection:


We usually prefer to assemble information through clients’ voluntary involvement and contribution in variety of activities. Clients may send us messages or post comments or even send their reviews about our services. This is considered as the most efficient way for data collection as users reveal their information on voluntary basis.


Secondly, we use cumulative data collection strategy in which we work on statistical data generated by user activities such as likes, dislikes, favorites, interests etc. This kind of data helps us decide which of our services are most popular among users. On accurate analysis of the data, we improve our services.

Why We Collect Users’ Data?

Many users wonder why we need to collect information from users and buyers. The biggest reason of this practice is to make our services as user-friendly as possible. Some of the main reasons are as follow:

  • We Love to Know More About Our Clients: We can give better services when we are closer to our clients and know them better than the others. Knowing their likes, dislikes, most favorites, least favorites and interest enable us to figure out what they actually want from us. Therefore, when visitors or buyers come to our site, we have to monitor each individual’s activity.
  • We Love to Know Current Day Trends: Internet marketing is all about making hard predictions as whatever is so popular among customers today could be least popular tomorrow. In short trends get changed on regular basis and therefore, it is extremely important for us to know about the latest trends that what customers like and what they don’t. Their moods and choices make a great difference.
  • We Occasionally Offer Special Discounts and Offers: Our marketing team work so hard to grab the attention of buyers and visitors and design things that can benefit more everyone who comes to our site. Sometimes special discounts and exclusive offers are announced and we never want our esteemed buyers and most importantly subscribers miss such offers. So to let them know about special offers, we sent them emails as per their choices and interests.
  • We Do Confirm Authenticity of Comments and Opinions: From clients and common users of our website, we receive hundreds of emails, suggestions, comments, opinions, remarks, ratings etc on regular basis. It is quite important to confirm that such emails or messages are from genuine users or from spammers. Once we recognize the senders, we move their emails and messages out of suspicious zone.
  • We Make Clarification with Clients Instructions Associated with Orders: We ask every buyer to give them accurate contact information so we could contact us just in case we have any confusion with the instructions given by them to carry out their order. Sometimes, it happens that the clients place incomplete instructions to follow which clear confusions and to remove all such confusions, we must contact respective client immediately.

Users Age Limit

Everyone who comes 18+ Group can use this website and our services. It does not mean those who are under 18 cannot use this site, they still can but they are advised to get help from someone such as friend, parent, advisor, teacher or anybody else. This is especially important while they are making payments against the services they avail.


A big flow of traffic including subscribers, buyers and visitors come to our website on everyday basis. Many of them leave remarks, reviews and comments on different posts and sometimes, they may also leave links navigating to other websites which are not controlled by us. Therefore, when you decide to click on such links, you are navigated to other websites and leave ours. Your decision to move to other sites is completely your own and we will not take any responsibility for unfortunate loss or damage because of your action.