Every member of our team works with a single goal and that is to give maximum benefit to our esteemed clients. Thus, we make our policies in the best interest of everyone who visits our website. In fact, it greatly helps us in building strong relationship with majority of our clients who repeatedly come to us. Keeping in view the best interests of our valued clients, we have created “REFUND POLICY” and we strongly advise every visitor and buyer to go through below given policies and understand each item before going to book their orders.

Who Can Make a Refund Claim?

Anyone who has placed an order on this website can make a refund claim it has a valid reason.

Refund Claim Timeframe

People can make “Refund Claim” just in case they cancel their order while it is still in initial stage. This should be done within 24 Hours since placement of order. In this situation, you are entitled to get refunded full payments that you made.

A “Refund Claim” can also be made just in case the order is in second or third stage but before the last stage. In this case, claimer might be able to receive partial or some part of the payment depending upon completion of work on project.

Once the order is completed, you are no more eligible to make a refund claim unless you have a strong and valid reason. This type of claim can be made within 72 hours time period once you receive final copy of the order you place on our site. Remember: you must have some valid reasons to lodge such claim.

Reasons on the Basis of Which You Can/Cannot Make a Claim

If you lodge your claim on the basis of some strong and valid reasons, there are great chances that you will be able to get back full, partial or some part of the payment you made. Some of the valid reasons are as follow:

• The final version that you receive is total messed up and contains textual elements which can’t be reorganized within the time you have in hand before submission.
• The final copy contains intolerable amount of plagiarism.
• The assignment contains ridiculous and unjustifiable ideas and opinions.
• There are too many typing and grammatical mistakes which have given extremely poor look to the document.
• The use of tables, images and figures is total mess.
• Other similar reasons

Some of the Invalid Reasons are as follow:

• The document contains some spelling or typing errors on some places.
• Few sentences are written in wrong grammar.
• There are linguistic issues in document.
• Other petty or baseless reasons

Remember: Just in case you find any such errors in your document that can easily be corrected, you better make a revision request instead of a refund claim.

Involvement of Third Party

Sometimes claimers try to involve a third party to resolve their case of “Refund Claim” without making any coordination with our customer support team. We follow a clear policy of resolving all types of issues in amicable way rather than getting ourselves involved in conflicts. Therefore, we strongly advise all our clients and visitors to contact our customer support team to rectify their complaints. The third party involvement should always be taken as the last option.

Advice to Our Valued Clients

Once you decide to lodge a refund claim, please make sure that you had included the correct and clear instructions in your order. If you are making your claim on the basis of “Improper Follow-up of Instructions by the Writer” you must know you have given the right instructions or else your claim will be rejected at the very first stage.