Social Media

Social Media

Social media is currently one of the online services most used by people around the world, and the success of them is based on several factors, although it stands out the fact that it is a platform of almost direct communication, which allows Feedback, feedback among users, and all in a very simple way. Due to their characteristics and possibilities, social networks have a number of interesting advantages for those who use them, but at the same time they also report certain flaws that make these online communities present at the same time a series of disadvantages.

It is precisely here that we analyze broadly the main advantages and disadvantages of social networks today, but before that we must know in general terms what a social network really is.  A social network in principle is a website in which people from all over the world can participate in the communication, for which they have the possibility to configure an online profile, which includes their information, their tastes and interests, Where users can also post comments, photos, videos and more.

Due to their characteristics, social networks can become an ideal space for people to keep in touch with each other, regardless of where in the world they are. In addition, social networks are widely used by artists, celebrities, companies and others to disseminate information and at the same time to increase the volume of followers, both in the virtual world and in real life. All this has meant that in recent years social networks have become an element that has significantly modified the way of communicating, and at the same time the way of doing business.

However, as we mentioned before, in the world of social networks as well as being able to take advantage of the great advantages that this type of services have, we also have to face the disadvantages of its use, so here we tell you what the pro And against these communities.  The truth is that social networks have varied advantages and disadvantages, and it is not strange that both aspects are related to each other. We know that social networks offer the possibility of meeting new people, transmit information, and keep in touch with family and friends, but at the same time social networks is also the ideal place for fraudsters and hackers to do theirs, where Lies can be spread, and where bullies find space to harass their victims.

Advantages of social networks

Among the main advantages reported by social networks we can ensure that one of its most outstanding benefits lies in the ability they have to connect people around the world. This is possibly the most obvious advantage of social networks, since it is also ultimately its essential objective. Likewise, social networks have the benefit of allowing users to establish immediate communications and in a really simple way. Social networks allow us to be able to communicate without the need to use traditional communication channels, such as the telephone service, even if we can do without e-mail.

On the other hand, social networks give us the possibility of accessing news in real time, and at the same time we can discover information that may not be published elsewhere, because the truth is that if we want to know what is happening in the world, just visit some social network to find out.  But social networks are not only an interesting area for individuals, but also provide a wide range of opportunities for companies. That is why more and more companies participate in social networks, because through this platform can sell their products, connect with customers, attract new potential customers, and expand their scope of action.  And of course, social networks are a space where all the people of the world can find a moment of fun, and so it is not surprising that millions of people in the world use a social network during their time off.

Disadvantages of social networks

All good, also has a bad side, and the truth is that social networks do not escape this, because despite having a huge amount of benefits and benefits for its users, there are also certain risks when using this type of Online platforms.  Among the main disadvantages of social networks, we can first mention the aspects related to privacy, since the truth is that social networks leave exposed information about the personal life of its users, so this is a problem that always generates a great concern.

Let’s take into account that everything we publish in social networks is there for others to see, so in addition to the lack of obvious privacy of this aspect, there is also the fact that by sharing too much personal information with others we are facing serious problems in our real life.  On the other hand, it is well known by all that social networks are an area in which scams and cyber bullying are possible. The latter drawback often occurs among younger people who use this type of platform, as children and adolescents are often subject to harassment on the internet.

This can lead in real life to start a person suffering from self-esteem problems, and may even experience depression.  Another important disadvantage raised by social networks is that online interaction can replace the interaction of people in real life, that is, that the fluid and constant online communication through these communities causes in large Measure the real communication between people and that is why many experts assert that social networks promote antisocial behavior.  Also, while we mention that social networks have the advantage of allowing us to access information in real time, the truth is that this can also lead to saturation, so that we can become overwhelmed by the information disseminated.  We also have to keep in mind that not everything that is published in social networks is true, since the truth is that these communities are an ideal space for the dissemination of lies , false information and even for the defamation of people, entities And companies.


Finally, we must bear in mind that it has been shown that the use of social networks can often lead to addiction, so they also distract us, lead to sedentary lifestyle habits and may even negatively modify our behavior in real life.  Therefore, it is important that we use social networks to be communicated, but always taking into account the prejudices that can cause us, in order to be alert and able to take advantage of them without end up being a victim of unscrupulous people or being captives of the platform.