We value and care our clients as well as everyone else who visits this website. We respect them and always think of their best interest. Therefore, we have wisely created these “Terms & Conditions” so everyone who comes to us can get maximum advantage from our services. Since the use of our service/website is considered as an acceptance and agreement to our Terms of Service, we strongly advise everyone to read below given T&C before availing our any of our services:


  • Once you place and confirm an order on this website to avail one or some of our services, you agree and accept all of our terms and conditions even if you don’t read them. (Therefore, we strongly advise everyone to read all T&Cs)
  • There is age limit restriction to use this website or avail our services that is 18 Years or above. Since, the use of service is kind of a legal agreement between the two parties, it is important that both Must be Adult. Just in case, someone is under 18 years of his age, he can get someone’s help (who must be 18+) in filling of order from.
  • While you intend to use some of our services OR fill a form OR make a subscription, you might be requested to share some of your information which would never be shared with any third party.
  • As a service vender, we would take full responsibility to give our valued clients full support and assistance with their projects.
  • As a reliable source of assignment research and writing, we ensure that every client should be provided with original content. Thus, we always condemn plagiarism in any form.


On behalf of our esteemed clients, we have a fair obligation to do following:

  • No matter what country, nation or gender they belong to, we, as service vender, give them our full support and assistance in every kind of project.
  • People come to us because they trust us that we will get them the best and thus, we never let them down. We have a very simple policy of delivering them high quality, original and genuine information.
  • Since academic services are time sensitive and thus, we always make sure that no interruption could happen during our services. We believe in quick and smooth flow and transfer to information.
  • We receive an order from a client and take it as a responsibility to finish in time within the agreed timeframe.


  • Once an order is placed by a client, it is considered as the acceptance and agreement to all our terms and conditions including:
  1. Order Completion Process
  2. Payment Process
  3. Completion of Project
  4. Cancellation of Order
  5. Claim for a Refund
  6. Request for a Revision
  7. Privacy Policy
  • Once an order is received in our system, it is immediately moved to the concerned department. Each order is taken as an individual task and given full concentration.
  • Once a draft is ready, we send it to reviewing department where expert proofreaders go through it and make necessary corrections after which it is declared as OK.


Our system has been working so efficiently for the last many years and we have been improving it time to time. When we receive an order, send it to concerned department and from there it goes to quality control department where it is made sure that each and every error is corrected before marking it as a final version to be sent to client. Just in case, there are still some improvements to be made with the final version, we have our Revision Policy to deal with it. We have a very clear policy to deal with revision requests but it must be made within 24 hours once the final copy is forwarded to client. Following areas can be greatly improved during free revisions:

  • Research material
  • Language correction
  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Spelling errors
  • Editing and formatting
  • Correction with references
  • Detection and removal of Plagiarism
  • Others


The basic aim of our terms and conditions is to work in the best advantage of our valued clients and to give them maximum level of protection in case of privacy concerns. However, any violation of our terms and conditions is condemned and we take it as a serious matter. Therefore, we request all our clients to read our terms very carefully and if they have any concerns, please contact our customer support team who is at your service 24/7.


Since our success is based on good relationship with our clients, we have always tried to solve all types of issues amicably. We have a very clear policy to avoid any kind of conflicts from major to minor. To make things simple between us and our clients, we are giving below some very simple rules:

  • As a service provider, assistant and helper, we are fully committed to go beyond the limits in helping our clients with their projects, however, we don’t give any guarantee that they will get the results they are expectation.
  • There is a free revision service for all of our clients but this service must be availed within 24 hours since delivery of the order. After this period it will not be given as a free service.
  • We also have a refund policy and it can be availed by the clients but before applying for a refund, please read our Refund Policy in detail so you can take its advantage without wasting your time.
  • We allow our customers to cancel order within 24 hours once the order is confirmed. This cancellation will allow customers to get fully refunded but after 24 hours, they will be fined with some charges.


All of our terms and conditions have already been applied upon all the services available on this website. However, this section might be changed, amended or improved time to time and if necessary and therefore, it is strongly advised to all of our clients, subscribers and visitors to read this section time to time.